Commercial Drones Rules and Regulations:

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At this point, almost every country in the world has developed regulations regarding the use of drones.

Most of these regulations can be divided into two categories: fun (hobbyist drone operations) and work (commercial drone operations).

If you plan to fly your drone for fun, you must follow a certain set of rules, and if you plan to fly your drone for work, you must fly a different set of rules (in some scenarios, flying for governmental purposes is a third category, which may also have a separate set of rules).

The rules of operating a drone for work vary from country to country, but often include these basic requirements:

  • That the drone pilot holds license or certificate authenticating their skills to fly a drone commercially.
  • That the drone pilot follows certain rules and guidelines flying their drone, such as keeping it within the operator’s visual line of sight (VLOS) or not flying over people.
  • That the drone pilot registers their drone with their local government.