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A commercial drone is any drone used for work.

This means that commercial drones include both those drones that are made for specific types of jobs, like DJI Agras MG-1 made for agricultural purposes and drones that are made for general consumers but can also be used in professional settings, like DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

As the drone industry has grown over the last years, the use of drones for work has grown exponentially.

Drones are powerful machine for gathering data remotely.

In inspection scenarios, using a Drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to gather data instead of a person can make a huge impact on safety since it reduces the exposure of that person to potentially dangerous situations, such as walking along scaffolding inside a giant tank and climbing a cell tower to collect visual data.

As drone technology innovates, people continue to find ways to use drones to save money, improve safety and increase efficiency in their operations or businesses.

Here are some of the top sectors and industries that is using drones for commercial purposes:

  • Real Estate – Real estate marketing work is usually done by a single drone pilot working as a freelancer to capture video and photo of a property that is for sale, which the realtor will then use as marketing material.
  • Construction – Mapping and surveying construction sites can be difficult when done by walking a site. Drones help speed up these efforts, allowing construction companies to provide maps of progress and surveys that can help them both plan for construction projects.
  • Agriculture – Farmers use drones to gather data on their crops and then use that data to improve their yields.
  • Filmmaking – High-end drones have been used to take aerial shots for movies instead of helicopters, which are more expensive than drones.
  • Power Maintenance – Drones are helping electricians to inspect power lines using drones with thermal cameras.


An article on commercial drones would not be complete without a section on the basic requirements and regulations that govern the use of drones for work find out more in our commercial drones rules and regulations article here.