Drones are now essential for Power line Inspection

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Drones are now essential for Power line Inspection

Drones are now essential for Power line Inspection

It is always a risk for the technicians to climb over a tower or a pole whenever power lines inspections are being held. It is a difficult and dangerous job. Falling, electrocution, and other hazards to the workers are all risks that must be avoided. Using drone for this kind of job will help the workers to keep safe while being efficient to their job.

Drone for power line inspection produces more efficient and faster results. Drones can map out an area quickly, fly around, and even fly over of power lines while still avoiding towers. The 3D mapping system can detect which route to take, which also includes photography and laser scanning. After the drones circulate in the entire area that is being inspected, the data will be saved and can be used for clearer and broader analysis. Drones can even be fitted with thermal cameras so they can detect abnormalities, such as unusual heat signals.

Since drones are lightweight, small, and easy to use, they now replaced the traditional aerial vehicle (helicopter) that were use by power companies back then.

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