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How (and Why) to Hire a Professional Drone Pilot

Drone operator hire is readily available these days and more cost-effective than ever before, but in what instances is professional drone pilot hire necessary?

Do you really need to hire a drone operator for your project, or is it something that can be handled in-house by your own team?

Why Hire a Drone Pilot?

Businesses spanning a broad range of sectors now regularly hire drone operators for a variety of purposes.

Amateur and professional production crews have become reliant on professional drone pilots to take eye-catching aerial footage for all kinds of film and TV projects. From live news feeds to corporate film production drone operator hire has a long list of practical applications.

It has become essential for property developers, construction companies and insurers, enabling detailed inspections to be conducted on homes, commercial properties and entire building sites from above.

Where there is a need to capture a detailed aerial shot of anything for business, entertainment or insurance purposes, a professional drone pilot makes it easy and affordable to obtain.

Why You Need a Professional Drone Operator?

While it is technically possible to pilot a drone without the involvement of a professional pilot, regulations limit the extent to which unlicensed operators can fly unmanned aerial vehicles.

There is currently no such thing as a UK drone license, but anyone operating a drone for commercial purposes must be granted formal approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Eligibility for PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) is determined on the basis of the pilot’s knowledge, or experience and expertise. This enables them to assist with more complex and demanding projects.

Regulations regarding the use of drones make it illegal to pilot such vehicles in parts of the country, depending on their proximity to airports, government buildings and other features on the local landscape. It is illegal to pilot a drone beyond a certain height in  some instances.

Hiring a professional drone pilot brings the reassurance of extensive insurance coverage into the equation. CAA approved drone pilots are required to carry the appropriate level of Public Liability insurance, in order to offer their services on a commercial basis; this means that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong their insurance will cover any resulting damage to property or injuries caused.

The nature and extent of the insurance coverage required will be determined by the complexity of the project and the area in which it takes place. Insurance should therefore be discussed in full with any drone pilot you intend to hire.

Superior Results at Affordable Prices

In addition to the above, hiring a professional drone operator opens the door to unbeatable results at a comprehensively affordable price.

For more information on the benefits of hiring a professional drone pilots or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Drone Club today.