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How to hire Drone Services

Making things simple

Here at DroneClub we want to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right Drone Pilot or Service Provider for your project.

  • How do I find a pilot?

    Searching for Freelancers

    Our site makes it easy for you to search for Freelancers.

    Using any of our search forms, you can easily select the 'Freelancer' option from the dropdown list and then add a keyword of your choosing. You will then be presented with a list of matching results that can further be filtered down using your preferred parameters such as location, price, skills and many more.

  • Is my pilot regulated?

    Laws governing Drone Pilots

    In most situations conducting drone operations will require a qualified pilot and the correct permissions to fly.

    Our Freelancer profiles shall highlight what qualifications and certifications a particular Pilot has.
    However, we always recommend that you check these are up-to-date with the current regulations applicable to your Job, and in alignment with the rules operating where the Job will take place.

  • How do I advertise a Job?

    Posting a Job

    To post a job, simply register as a 'Client' using our sign-up form.
    Once you have joined DroneClub you can then post a Project.
    A project listing will consist of your job’s details, location, estimated budget, and any supporting files to explain your requirements  in more detail.
    Freelancers will receive a notification of the project being advertised and may then submit their proposals for you to review.

  • How do I invite a pilot to quote for a Job?

    Sending offers to Freelancers

    Once you have published your job you can then visit any of our Freelancers Profiles and directly invite them to submit a proposal or tender.


Selling your Services

Advertise your skills and showcase your work

We have made it our core focus for Freelancers to be able to showcase their work and skills in a user-friendly way.

All Freelance Profiles can be viewed publicly, and can even allow you to link back to your personal social media accounts. 

From your profile you can even offer Fixed-Price Services for faster conversions.

  • What Services can I sell?


    DroneClub is designed to allow you to offer & provide any services relative to the Drone Industry. Such services could include; Arial Photography, Inspections, Filming, Photography Editing Services, Drone Hire etc.

  • How do I apply for a Job?

    Submitting a proposal

    From our main Search Bar you can select the 'Jobs' option in the drop down menu, and enter a keyword  relevant to the job.
    Alternatively, you can browse Job Categories or search the entire listing portfolio using our filters.
    Once you have found a Job you wish to apply for you can click 'Send Proposal' and follow the on-screen instructions on how to bid for the work.

  • How do I increase my chances of winning work?

    Creating a good proposal

    Before you tender a proposal make sure your profile is selling you & your services in the best way possible.

    By making sure you demonstrate your skills and past work on your page, alongside any certifications and insurances you have received, you can greatly boost your Job attractiveness.
    And, when submitting a proposal make sure you have clearly addressed the client’s questions and explained how you will propose to complete the job.

    Again, submit with your proposal any evidence of certifications / accolades / qualifications / insurance you might have.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What jobs can I post on DroneClub?

    Job types

    DroneClub, as you may have guessed, is a job site for Drone Operators.

    You can post jobs that are directly or indirectly related to Drone Services.

    This could be drone inspections, drone photography or photo editing services - as some examples.

    So long as a Drone is involved, you're on the right track. 

  • How does DroneClub make money?

    Serivce fees

    We charge our Freelancers and Agencies either a 10%, or 5% Service Fee on the funds they receive from a Job, depending upon the total amount they’ve invoiced with a Client.

    For more information, see our Payment Schedule.