Sony Airpeak S1 Revealed

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Sony Airpeak S1 Revealed

Sony Airpeak S1 - Specs, Price and Release date

The anticipated Sony Airpeak S1 drone has now revealed with its design made for professional filmmaking. Along with its exceptional camera that perhaps in the future set standards on film and TV show’s cinematography.

Its set priced is at $8,999 although, this does not include a gimbal or a camera. Sony formed a gimbal on Airpeak S1 that is a customized version of Gremsy T3 which consist of a three-axis device with a quick-release system and may cost an additional $1,750.

At the CES 2021 Sony showcased the three major components of the Airpeak system which are the drone itself; the Airpeak flight app for iOS devices; and the Airpeak cloud service.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency test on a prototype demonstrate that Sony is “aiming for high wind endurance and quick acceleration.” And designed the 2.23 kg Airpeak S1 for quick acceleration that claims it is capable to accelerate from 0 to 50 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds with the high speed of 56mph and a maximum wind endurance of 44.7mph.

Here’s the full video:

Photo Credits: Sony

To establish stability, a set of cameras and sensors is a must.  This design consists of five stereo cameras, two infrared sensors, and Sony’s own Vision Sensing Processor, all of which will work jointly to keep this aerial platform as steady as possible.

They also produced a new technology for the combination of its controller and the new iOS only Airspeak Flight app.  This is a separate control over the drone, camera, and gimbal. This mode will allow the pilot and film director to work collaboratively at the same time.

This year on mid-September the Sony Airpeak S1 will be available for purchase. However, it is also open for pre-order. It is no surprise the Airpeak world come at a high price given its excellent specs.

Here’s the official launch video of Sony Airpeak S1:

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